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Although they have been around for many years, interest only mortgages have become increasingly popular as of late. Whether it's due to the tough economy or bad housing market, refinancing into an interest only mortgage makes a lot of sense for many people. With everyone looking to save a little money on their monthly mortgage payments these days, this might just be the perfect option. If you're unfamiliar with an interest only mortgage, they work by allowing you to make mortgage payments on only the interest of your balance, as opposed to both the interest and principal. That means you can significantly lower your mortgage payment during the months when you need the extra money. Typically, you can add an interest only payment option to any new mortgage for the first 1-5 years, after which it is important to begin making payments on the principal. Here's just a few of the great advantages you can get from making interest only payments:

Benefits of Refinancing and Making Interest Only Payments

  • Lower your monthly payments by paying interest only!
  • Refinance and improve your interest rate!
  • Get the financial flexibility you need!
  • Pay off debt with money saved from low payments!
  • Invest your savings for the future!

Now that you know what an interest only mortgage is all about, you're probably wondering how you can get started. Fortunately, Interest Only Refinance Online is here to help! We can find you the best lenders to refinance your mortgage, allowing you to take advantage of interest only payments! With a refinanced mortgage and interest only options, you'll have the financial freedom to invest, save, or even pay off debt! Our company works closely with some of the mortgage industries top lenders and we know they can help you get the most out of a new home loan.

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